Marketing Christmas Cards to Corporations

Corporations and small businesses know that one way to keep and increase loyalty to their businesses and brands is to treat their customers and clientele like family. And well families often send out Holiday Cards to their friends and family.

Businesses have different needs for their Christmas and Holiday Card programs and their public relations or investor relations divisions often hire out these services and it makes for a very good business. But marketing to corporations for these services is no easy feat. Mostly because they are constantly dragging their feet until the last minute, but as you guessed the sale must be completed well in advance to make sure all the cards are in the mail in time.

The best way to market Holiday Cards and Christmas cards in your regional area is to put inserts in the Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, become a member of the Chamber of Commerce and join those committees that the larger businesses are in.

Additionally find someone who specializes in corporate gift baskets and try to co-brand with them and give them a commission and market with them, trade leads and learn who is who in the corporate world in your area. Marketing Christmas Cards and Holiday Cards to Corporations is not easy so I hope you will remember this in 2006.

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