How To Spend Nothing For A Free Online Greeting Card

Greeting cards have been a part of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, New Year and other occasions and celebrations. It has been used as a medium to express one’s feelings. At times, greeting cards can even say much more than the words said personally. Greeting cards do not actually require a special occasion. You can send it anytime to anyone you wish to remember and make them feel how much you love and care for them.

The traditional manner of sending and receiving cards is made even easier and faster through the computer and the internet. It can be sent in just a few clicks so you don’t have to stay too long in front of your computer. Before, there is a need for a mailbox and a postman for cards to be received by the person. But sometimes, this is inefficient. And the person may or may not receive the card sent through this system. The card may also get torn or strip. With online greeting cards, you are assured that your buddy or loved one will get your message, provided that you send it to the right email address.

It was recorded that the elite people in the society during in the mid 1800s did send greeting cards. They used cards to send private messages to each other. The greeting cards were hand-made with prices that the common folks may not afford. It gained much prestige when the first postage stamp was introduced in 1840. In 1850, greeting cards were introduced to the public with the debut of printers. The oldest greeting card was crafted in 1400s. It was meant for Valentines Day. It can be seen nowadays in the British Museum...CONTINUE

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