How to Give Romantic Greeting Cards - Make These Greeting Cards a Surprise

When you're going to give your loved one romantic greeting cards you must practice the fine art of surprise. Cards like this are most effective when they catch your spouse off guard, then the true appeal of your card can work its magic.

Romantic greeting cards are often pre-made, making it easy for the giver to pick a loving and creative card. However, if you want you can customize your own internet greeting cards or print greeting cards for that special someone you can also go this route. No matter how you opt to create or choose your romantic greeting, it's important that it be a surprise. Here are a few ways to ensure that your greeting cards are surprises.

1. Start a fight a few days before the big romantic greeting card day over nothing. Don't talk to your partner until that day, then show up on the doorstep with a dozen roses if you partner is a girl or their favorite pizza if your partner is a guy and the card attached.

2. Several days before you want to give your romantic greeting cards, start acting extremely forgetful, forgetting all important birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. Then, when your partner has given up all hope of a romantic evening, pounce on them with the card and a lovely dinner.

3. Call your partner up and tell them you have something grave to discuss. 'Would they mind meeting you in a very public place for a quick lunch?" Your partner will come to the meeting expecting the worst and you can surprise them with romantic greeting cards and some sort of heart shaped desserts.

4. Send your partner a series of strange cards, such as Get Well cards or Sorry About Your Loss cards. When they are fully convinced you've lost your mind, leave a series of romantic greeting cards scattered around their bedroom. You may or may not be on the bed with whipped cream, depends on your craziness.

5. Act as if you don't like your in-laws. Then on one family occasion have your in-laws give your spouse the romantic greeting cards you intend for him or her. Your spouse will be caught completely off guard because he or she was expecting a card from their parents and instead got a card from you. It will show that you don't dislike your in-laws as much as you indicated if their in on the little ruse.

Hopefully, these five nuggets of wisdom will help you give romantic greeting cards in the best ways possible. If you put your mind to it you'll probably be able to come up with some fun ways of your own.

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