The Gallery of Life - What is the spiritual purpose of fine art prints as greeting cards?

Greeting cards. Have you ever really pondered our real intention when sending greeting cards? Of course, you might reply. We want to celebrate; we want to offer inspiration; we want to console; we want to communicate. We often choose landscape photography or nature photography as the basic foundation of our greeting as these scenes display a fabric of life that is both beautiful and peaceful.

Yet, our intentions with greeting cards can have a spiritual purpose. Our greeting can inspire a be-attitude: be happy, be hopeful, be courageous, be comforted, be aware that you are not alone. These are all attributes of character development and reminders of our strength and courage during times of celebration and during times of adversity.

Ultimately, greeting cards connect us to each other as immediate family, extended family and a global family. So, when choosing unique greeting cards, have a new level of consciousness concerning its potential. The magic of your selected beautiful scene and inspirational thoughts may literally be your contribution to change our world, and make it better, one person at a time.

About The Author
H. Veronika Gaia is a teacher, writer and nature photographer. She believes that every person can make a difference in our world and that PeacemakersArt.com provides opportunities for you to make your contribution by purchasing with a purpose. Veronika sells inspirational nature photography art as greeting cards, motivational posters and fine art prints with peaceful intentions for self awareness, human potential and community service. Please visit her website at http://www.PeacemakersArt.com/.

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